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Looking for PGP porters

Hi.  I maintain the package pgp, which is in non-US/non-free.

I recently released some new versions which deal with RSA no
longer being patented.  PGP no longer needs RSAREF, there's
only one pgp package now (instead of pgp-i and pgp-us versions),
and I added upgrade instructions for converting to GPG without
losing your key.

I'm looking for people who can recompile this package on
arm, sparc, powerpc, and m68k.  I don't know if I can use
any of the debian.org servers for this, because it's a non-US
package.  Currently the new pgp is stuck in unstable, and
the buildd's don't target non-free, so I need help.

Even though PGP itself is non-free, recompiling these versions
is a good thing for free software because of the above reasons.
If this new version is released with woody, it will make it easier
in the long run to retire this package.

Richard Braakman

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