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Re: Weekly debian-user FAQ

Bob Hilliard <hilliard@debian.org> writes:

> Thomas Guettler <guettli@interface-business.de> writes:
> > It would be cool if there is a FAQ in which everybody can add
> > answers.
> This sounds very much like the FAQ-omatic that used to be in >
> Debian.  Is it still in existence, or did it die of neglect?

I have some experience as a FOM maintainer for a local LUG. IMHO, FOM
is difficult to maintain, and difficult to read. Especially when you
considering the status of web browsers under Linux right now. But
anyway, I don't wanna start a flamewar here. ;) Mozilla is definitely
kewler whan I had had a K7 750 + 200+ Memory there, than my current
MMX 166 + 64M ;)

Yotam? What's your plan on debian-faq? May I ask? ;)
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