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Re: autobuilder environment variables?

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Jules Bean wrote:

> Well, I'm no expert, but my understanding has always been:
> The new instructions in the core set, as we progressed
> 386-486-586-686, have not afforded much speed benefit even to CPU
> bound apps.

This may be true for Intel-based processors, but the progression from
EV4-EV5-EV56-PCA56-EV6-EV67-EV68 is quite radical for Alpha.  The addition
of the new instructions on the latter generations (starting at PCA56) have
made a gigantic improvement for some operations.  I don't know if this
applies to atlas or not since I don't know if any such optimisations have
been done for Alpha, but I figured I'd mention it from a non-Intel
processor family perspective.  I'm sure similar may be true for other
processors as well.


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