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Re: ITP: Galeon -- Mozilla-based web browser with GNOME look and feel

On Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 12:42:45PM -0500, Frank Belew wrote:
> Yes, a Solution is warranted, the people who proposed that the crypto
> clause be removed from policy need 
> to get a lawyer to ratify it
> There has already been a 50+ message thread discussing it on -policy,
> the proposal was seconded, and accepted, 
> pending a lawyer verifying that our interpretation of the US export laws
> is correct
> So no, I'm not going to upload to main due to crypto.
> I'm not going to upload to non-US due to the proposal merely needing a
> lawyer approval

OK. Fine.

Thanks for saying that; personally I hadn't seen that said anywhere
before. (No, I don't read -policy, but I would certainly have followed 
a pointer to the -policy archives :-)

If you do get the packages finished before we are clear on the legal
things, would you see your way clear to uploading the packages to a
website somewhere non-us so people can try+test them before they make
it into an archive?


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