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Re: Perl essential ?

>>>>> "IM" == Ilya Martynov <m_ilya@agava.com> writes:

    IM> IMHO perl scripts can be much more secure that C code and shell code:

    IM> 1) there is no buffer overflows

    IM> 2) perl has taint mode (by the way why debian scripts doesnt use it?)

    IM> 3) shell scripting ofthen very unsecure IMHO because of various shell
    IM>    expansion feauteres. I admin that I can be wrong here because I'm
                     ^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^
Sorry - two typos here. It should be:

           expansion features. I admit that I can be wrong here because I'm

    IM>    not expert in shell scripting (I just prefer Perl for anything more
    IM>    complex than three lines script :) )

Ilya Martynov
AGAVA Software Company, http://www.agava.com

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