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Re: openldapd (stable) --> slapd (unstable)

On Tuesday 27 February 2001 23:46, Brian May wrote:
> How do I upgrade my openldapd database so slapd can access it?
> I tried[1][2] (by guesswork as I couldn't see it documented anywhere):
> ldbmcat -n id2entry.dbb > /ldif
> but the installation of slapd complains at line 11, which is a blank
> line separating two entries. (The postinst script probably should have
> aborted installation on this error, but didn't...  oh well... another
> bug I guess). The ldif file looks fine to me.

From memory ldbmcat adds an extra attribute to the end of each entry for the 
last modification date which is probably the cause of the problems.  It's not 
difficult to write a Perl script to parse LDIF files and remove such things.  
Send me private email if you want copies of some of my trivial LDIF 
manipulation scripts such as an LDIF grep that returns complete records.

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