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up for adoption: libc5


oh my god: somebody is still using libc5.  I just received a bug report that
the current source is not buildable on a system with a current altgcc,
because the architecture name has changed.  It sounds easy enough to fix,
but I am not prepared to compile libc5, or do any libc5 stuff at all.

This is a real bug, and violation of policy. However, as libc5 didn't change
in any other way, and the last binary is still available (and the old
sources, too, for anybody who cares), it's a cosmetic fix after all.

If anyody is interested in fixing this, feel free to adopt libc5.

If not, libc5 must not be included in the next release, as it doesn't build
from source (yeah, this is a chance to kill it, and all other libc5 support
packages, too).  I will bump up the severity of the bug report in this case
to reflect this.  It should probably be marked "for removal" by the
release critical bug list maintainer then.

Note that because some people still use libc5, but nobody but Debian
supports it to any extent, you will receive rare[1] but intensive thank you
messages from someone whose life you just saved by keeping libc5 alive


[1] (once every two years or so).

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