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Re: Anybody experences with Corel SE?

On Sun, Feb 18, 2001 at 11:48:52PM -0600, Jared Johnson wrote:
> Actually, though, I agree with you :-) ; I would reccomend that you ditch
> corel, though, since the distribution will no longer be supported by them
> iirc.  Use debian if you want better support and continued development and
> releases.

Actually that is one of the reasons why i looked at the status of the
distribution. After hearing all those rumors about ditching it, beeing sold
by microsoft and so on, I wondered if it is worth to offer a sane upgrade
path to all those Corel Users out there (from Corel Linux to Debian). And
then I saw that they actually made a second Edition, which showed me that it
is not as dead as I had thought.

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