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Re: BSMTP on debian.net [uucp]

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Craig Sanders wrote:

> this sounds like a useful and worthwhile thing to do, but why use smtp
> rather than uucp?

I'm just going to address this to all the people talking about UUCP. I am
well aware of UUCP, but you folks seem to have no idea what BSMTP is
(notice the B!), or what I'm trying to accomplish. 

First off, BSTMP is the modern UUCP batch format. This *is* UUCP people,
but I'm not going to set it up for you. If you want to use the usual UUCP
transfer programs, be my guest, the file is there. The UUCP spool
directory is ~/bsmtp/ - go nutz with it. Everything everyone said about
UUCP applies to this, the only rider is that there is no root privilaged
stuff involved at all, each user has their private spool dir.

Second, this scheme is intended to encourage people to route non-critical
mails directly to their machine. This means direct SMTP delivery from the
list server. I don't want millions of mails spooling in klecker thank you.
The existance of an easy, long term fall back (BSMTP) should allow alot
more people to use this for list mails. 
All the fancy things people are talking about doing are just as possible
to do, except, debian-admin *has no involvlement* in setting them up.
1) Want secured BSMTP push? Got nutz, make a script, use cron, write a
2) Want to use existing UUCP programs for the transfer? Go nutz, set them
   up to use SSH, reconfigure the paths, write a howto.
3) Want to do batch downloads on connect, and then retiain a SSH
   connection for futuer mails during your session? Go nutz, setup the
   (much more complicated) script, write a howto :P

Notice a theme?

As for UUCP.. Using a purpose built APT-like SSH file copy+locking scheme
will be just as reliable as UUCP, and one heck of alot simpler for end
users to setup, trouble shoot, and maintain - which is why I suggested it.

> it can also be set up so that the client sends their outbound mail via
> uucp too, thus avoiding the hassle of setting up pop-before-smtp or
> other auth kludge for smtp.

We are not an ISP, run our own SMTP server, or use your ISP's.

If someone wants a particular package installed to help with this, let me


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