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Re: Package Reorganisations (here tetex-lib)

Anthony Towns writes:
 > Similarly, the tetex rearrangement wrt tetex-lib and tetex-dev causes
 > some problems, even though libkpathsea3 provides tetex-dev. In particular,
 > packages like libkpathsea-perl which specify a versioned dependency on
 > tetex-lib become broken and need to be rebuilt.
 > What this generally ends up meaning is that the testing update scripts get
 > into a bit of a catch-22 situation. Take, for example, the situation with
 > cjk-latex: the version in unstable depends on libkpathsea3 so it can't be
 > installed into testing until tetex is; but the version in testing depends
 > on tetex-lib (>= 1.0.6-2), so it'll become broken if the new tetex is
 > installed (since provides don't satisfy version dependencies) [1].

After the removal of tetex-lib and tetex-dev from unstable, tetex-bin
does still not move into testing:

tetex-bin 1.0.7+20000807-7 (currently 1.0.6-7) (standard) (high) 
         Maintainer: teTeX maintainers <debian-tetex-maint@lists.debian.org> 
         tetex-bin uploaded 62 days ago, out of date by 60 days! 
         valid candidate (will be installed unless it's dependent upon other buggy pkgs) 

and I can't see why. I can't see any buggy package on which it depends
and which are not in testing yet. I also do not understand why a
package which is in testing and still depends on tetex-lib should hold
tetex-bin to move into testing.

So what is holding tetex-bin?

Whould it be a solution to release upgrade convenience packages
tetex-lib and tetex-dev together with tetex-bin? That would at least
resolve some (Build-)Depends problems.

We have a similar situation with openssl:

openssl 0.9.6-1 (currently 0.9.4-5) (optional) (low) 
         Maintainer: Christoph Martin <christoph.martin@uni-mainz.de> 
         openssl uploaded 35 days ago, out of date by 25 days! 
         valid candidate (will be installed unless it's dependent upon other buggy pkgs) 

Please help. I need useful hints to get things moving.


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