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Re: [ANNOUNCE] automatic perl module building from CPAN

On 02/16/01 Joey Hess wrote:
> Sorry about the crosspost, but this is probably of interest to three
> groups of people for different reasons.
> 1. Users:
> I have just written CPAN::Debian, a perl module that allows you to download
> and build fairly good Debian packages automatically of (almost) anything in
> A sample run is probably the best explination. Warning, CPAN is pretty
> verbose, and so is building a debian package; the result is pretty spammy.
>   joey@kite:~>perl -mCPAN::Debian -e shell
>   cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.52)
>   ReadLine support enabled
>   cpan> makedeb Coy
> Oh, and it utterly depends on the latest perl packages in unstable. Nothing
> else will do. Bod has done great things with MakeMaker, which was really what
> made this possible.

Been there, done that. A few months ago. We even discussed it on debian-perl.

$ dh-make-perl --build --cpan Coy
dpkg-deb: building package `libcoy-perl' in `../libcoy-perl_0.05-1_all.deb'.

> 2. Developers:
> It's also possible to just debianize a module, yeilding a debianized
> source tree and not building a deb. Developers may find this to be a
> decent starting point at making a debian package of something in CPAN, for
> release into Debian. For example:
> perl -m CPAN::Debian -le 'CPAN::Shell->expand("Module",shift)->debianize' Term::Slang

$ dh-make-perl --cpan Coy

It works also if you have unpacked the source, just cd into it and dh-make-perl.
It also has an override mechanism to build perl modules that require special
treatment (special arguments passed to Makefile.PL, on the fly patching etc.)
Oh, and it doesn't touch that ugly CPAN.pm codebase (this is a feature:-).
It could certainly be improved, I'll update it to comply with the new perl policy,
but, hey, that's out only for a couple of days...


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