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ps2pdf and xpdf problems.

I've been converting my Debian book to LaTeX so that I can release it
under the GFDL. The layout is on a non-standard page size, which seems to
be the cause of the problem.

When I convert the generated .ps file using ps2pdf, I get a .pdf file that
does not render properly using xpdf. Graphics, like lines and images come
through just fine, but the text shows up as strings of widely spaced dots.

If I take the .ps file to an M$ machine, Acrobat converts it into a file
that both Reader and xpdf can render just fine. Reader even renders the
ps2pdf converted file, although the text is rough and looks sketched in.

I'm tempted to blame the fault on ps2pdf, but obviously xpdf is weak on
rendering, when compared to Acrobat Reader, so there is pleanty to go

Any suggestions?

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