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Re: Changes to experimental, proposed-updates and orphaned distributions

James Troup writes ("Changes to experimental, proposed-updates and orphaned distributions"):
> (1) Experimental is dead, long live experimental.  
> As mentioned in an earlier email, I've cleaned a lot of the cruft out
> of experimental.  What remains has been migrated to the pool and the
> old (horrible) setup of project/experimental has been replaced with a
> proper per-component+per-architecture setup like all the other real
> distributions.  Anyone using experimental will have to update their
> apt/dpkg-ftp/whatever configuration file to cope.  (No, I'm not going
> to give an example, as I have no desire to encourage careless use of
> experimental.)

project/experimental used to be used both for packages that ought
not according to their uploader be generally installed, and for other
kinds of experimental files that maintainers want to make available.

For example, it could be used for collections of source code that are
not yet made into proper packages, or handmade binaries or archives or
what have you.

Can we please have somewhere to put things like that ?  If there's a
problem with it filling full of cruft just make things expire after 12


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