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Re: checking system integrity

>>"Matt" == Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:

 >> My solution to this eternal who shall watch the watcher
 >> problem is to md5sum the database and the binary, and detach-sign
 >> that file.  I verify the database and binary at random times
 >> (basically, whenever I think about it).

 Matt> Verifying the database is the easy part; it can be done
 Matt> completely offline, on an isolated system.  The hard part is
 Matt> verifying the system against the database, with a definitive
 Matt> answer as to whether anything has changed _or not_.

	Umm. I now have a database whose md5sum i have verified, and I
 also have a md5sum binary I am sure of (since it is on the floppy
 with the keys and all); I verify md5sum and tripwire on my machine;
 run this known good tripwire and md5sum to test and see if this
 system has changed or not. 

	What am I missing here? What is the hard part?

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