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While I'm not suggesting that we 'package' Debian for SPARC (As there
is one AFAIK), has any tried porting dpkg/apt to Solaris? Those of you
in the ISP/WPP space may know about a certain 'denial' that some
people have, in that they genuinely believe that Solaris is the
perfect OS for Webserving, and application hosting. The catch is. that
Solaris is about as old as god, and has packages that predate most of

Also, building apache again from source everytime someone finds a hole
in it, or one of it's shared libraries is getting painful. To be able
to go apt-get source xxx -b, and install the package sounds like a

If no one is looking at this, I'd like to at least investigate, which
leads to a few questions.

1. How would I put dpkg/apt on an existing system, but vanilla Solaris
7 or 8 install? I can handle the actual porting, but I'm not
completely sure I understand the applications at the /var/apt and
/var/dpkg hierarchies. (If this is documented, please point me in the
right direction, and ignore this RTFM question)

2. Can we even build 90% of applications on Solaris? And if we did, is
there any interest or should I just keep it to myself, and send
portability patches to apt and dpkg maintainers?



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