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Re: Changes to the New Maintainer (NM) system

On Tue, Feb 06, 2001 at 02:59:41PM +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> So instead taking away a bit time from the AMs, you are now taking away time
> also from all other developers, who now have to care about an additional
> buerocratic process. Nobody, not even the recommending developer, can be
> sure that the motivation of an applicant to become a developer is serious.
> It might just seem so for the time until the recommendation happens. It's
> just more effort which is wasted on something else beside free software.

I don't see that ... If someone is working with me on Debian Jr. and is
not a developer, I have a fairly good idea because I work with them
whether they are serious or not.  This change in procedure seems to be
nothing more than a formalization of the process that always existed in
Debian: someone has to be able to vouch for you, and why not someone who
works with you than the AM who doesn't know you from Adam?  There's no
perfect solution.  This one just seems to suck less.

As for taking more time ... if the applicant is going to be contributing
to Debian Jr., the sooner I can see them through the process of becoming a
maintainer, the lighter my load will be, and the more time I'll have for
free software.  I don't see where it's that big of a burden.  If you think
it's too much of a burden, then don't recommend any new maintainers.  I
guess you're perfectly free to do that.

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