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Re: Xinerama and gnome-control-center problems?

>>>> "CBC" == Carl B Constantine <carl@os-s.com> writes:

CBC> On 2/4/2001 06:56, Peter Teichman at peter@ximian.com wrote:
>> Have you reported this to the GNOME Control Center people? I suspect
>> that it would be broken upstream - we don't patch the background
>> properties capplet in any way.
>> And unfortunately, we don't have a multi-head box to test with.

CBC> No because I'm using a ximian package and the last time I reported a bug
CBC> like that to Debian I was told to report to Ximian.

Upstream author not Debian maintainer or Ximian maintainer. I and Peter can
do nothing for you.

Try to contact Bradford Hovinen <hovinen@helixcode.com>

Not sure if his e-mail address still work.


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