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Bug#84772: ITP: mpg321 - a free clone of mpg123

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

mpg321 is a command-line mp3 player, based on the smpeg library. It is
designed to be a drop-in replacement of mpg123, and therefore its interface
has been designed around that shown by mpg123. (Note: NO code of mpg123
was used, or even looked at, to produce this.)

It currently has enough functionality to run gqmpeg.

The deb file is available at http://gemini.woot.net/~hosehead/packages/mpg321 .
(note: it installs itself as a higher-priority alternative to mpg123. This
could make things *break* for you: mpg321 still has some problems!)

(You can also add the apt line
deb http://gemini.woot.net/%7Ehosehead packages/
and then apt-get install mpg321.)

I would appreciate anyone with experience with audio coding, or SDL, to
give me a hand: there are currently some caveats to mpg321 vs. mpg123.
These include:
* Wave file output is broken entirely. I use libao, and simply extract the
  raw data out from smpeg. SDL (which is used for output, for now) can
  get valid sound data out of this same structure; why can't I?
* The same goes for stdout-playing. Both give garbage for sound.
* smpeg is more cpu-intensive than mpg123. This may not be a factor for
  higher-end computers, but I don't know how well mpg321 will work on
  a 486 or m68k computer.
* Due to the dependency on libsdl1.1, installing mpg321 requires you to
  install everything up to and including xlibs. This can be fixed if libsdl1.1
  is broken up into more packages.
* There are many unimplemented features, currently no-ops. These include
  downsampling and playlists. I can implement the latter, but not the former.

Please, anyone who can help, do!


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