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Bugs about new upstream versions

> > Is it recommended to send bug reports about new releases in general?  Or
> > is it recommended not to?
> Most packages are maintained by developers who are getting their job done
> properly. They will notice the new upstream version and will update the
> bug as soon as they can. Filing bugs will only take up their time.
> If the package is not updated for a long while (say, several months),
> for whatever reason, then filing a bug tends to be appropriate.

Alternatively, one could argue that there are bugs in the current Debian
version that are fixed in the new upstream and that one could file a
report that details those bugs, and then just mention at the end, "Oh, the
latest upstream fixes these..." -- and that would be a very legitimate

IMHO, several months is way too long. People do have a right to know that
the new version is being worked upon, and without actually writing to the
maintainer, they simply won't know if the maintainer has overlooked the
new upstream, is releasing it tommorrow or in three months.

That's a valid user concern.

(P.S. I'm not subscribed to this list)

Brock Rozen                                        brozen@teamgenesis.com

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