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Re: makedev bug (not fixed yet)?

svante.signell@telia.com (Svante Signell) writes:

> Setting up lm-sensors (2.5.4-6) ...
> /sbin/MAKEDEV: major_ptym%d=2: command not found
> /sbin/MAKEDEV: major_ptys%d=3: command not found
> /sbin/MAKEDEV: major_tts%d=4: command not found
> /sbin/MAKEDEV: major_cua%d=5: command not found
> /sbin/MAKEDEV: major_pts%d=136: command not found

This is non-destructive, and you can just ignore it.  There is a patch in 
the BTS, and there was some talk of an NMU while I was busy with the various
BIND packagings, but I'll work on makedev myself sometime this weekend and
upload a new version that fixes this, among other things.


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