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Bug#84395: ITP: z81 - Sinclair ZX8[01] emulator

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist


    Z81/Z81txt/xz81 are ZX81 (TS1000) and ZX80 emulators
    for (respectively) svgalib, text mode, and X. They
    load/save Xtender-format .P files, and support the
    ZX81's pseudo-hi-res mode. A few ZX81-related utils,
    GIFs of the keyboard layout, two PD tetris clones,
    a PD minesweeper clone, and a pear tree are included.
    (Just add partridge.)


    Z80 emulation and much X code from `xz80', copyright (C) 1994 Ian Collier.
    ZX81/ZX80 support and VGA/text front-ends (C) 1995-1999 Russell Marks.
    [ Standard GPL >= 2 blurb deleted]
    ROM issues
    `zx80.rom' is a copy of the ZX80's 4k ROM, and `zx81.rom' is a copy of
    the ZX81's 8k ROM - both are copyright Amstrad plc., and are used and
    reproduced with permission. (Amstrad allow free use of the ROMs in
    emulators, but retain the copyright.)



Packaging Commentary and Questions:

    I am intending to build this as a multi-binary package - one for
    SVGA, one for X, one for the console, and a 'common' package
    containing z81get and the ROM images.

    Since I havn't been able to find a copy of the actual license for
    the ROM images, it looks like they at least will have to go in
    non-free.  Can I put the rest of the packages in contrib, or do
    they have to go in non-free too?  (And if they can go in contrib,
    should I split z81get into a fifth package so that it can go in
    contrib too?)


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