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Wishlistitem: Place to look up Softwareproject <-> Debs packages that contain it

Being a debian user for some time, I am missing one place. I want to
have a search on Softwareproject and it gives me the possible Debs, if
there are any. (official ones)
(you may say:) But that already exists somewhat, but there is no place
where to post the apt-get resources, where I can find a special package.
EG, it was hard for me to locate pine, because it is not on the ftp
server. On chance somebody posted what line I have to add to my
source.list.  It would be nice to have a databank that contains all that

The query would look like this: package name (like a tar.gz name or
title of an opensourceproject)

and giving back:
Either: a)    lame  (official package) (... info ... to it)
              lame (devel-packages)  -> link to more information
        This wouls make it easy to locate daily snapshots.
        b)    lame (unofficial package) (warning ... info on it)
        c)    lame - sorry not available right now (please make a source

The information for that has to be provided by the packager at some
time. (but there could be some innovative way to update information)

One more thing: it has to reveal information, where to post a bug to, or
even better provide a bug form, where i can mak a official bug report. 
(you may say):Right now, there is that for every debian package. 
my opinion: yupp - but some of the bug-reports should be sent upstream
and have nothing to do with debian way of packaging. I remember reading
in the Debian-KDE-newsgroup, that you should not post kde related (not
related to kde packaging) to kde.org (to many people did that obviously)
I guess that could be also a wishlist bug against the bug tracking
system, that it should contain a link to the upstream bugreport site.

One of my dreams revaled to the public
   Ciao, Matthias

PS.: I am interested, what you think about that idea :-)

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