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RFP: ledcontrol


I'm the author of ledcontrol, a package to show arbitrary information on
the LEDs of the keyboard. I am looking for a maintainer who is interested
in maintaining the Debian package, as I am currently too busy to become a
Debian developer. I have already packaged it, though the package probably
still needs some trimming.

For instance, currently the daemon and GTK+ interface are in the same
package: they might be split so the daemon doesn't depend on GTK+.
Manpages are also missing, but I'm working on those.

Ledcontrol (and the current i386 Debian packages) can be found at
http://www.iki.fi/sampo.niskanen/ledcontrol/  It is licensed under the

If you are interested in maintaining the Debian package, please contact me
(please CC if mailing to the list).

 /____\   Sampo Niskanen <=> sampo.niskanen@iki.fi  \
       \        http://www.iki.fi/sampo.niskanen     \
        \     ________________________________________\___

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