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Re: ITP: xlhtml

Just a note, you probably will need to package libcole2, libcole-dev as well, as they
are part of xlhtml's source package.

On Mon, Jan 22, 2001 at 11:20:09PM +0100, Rainer Wiener wrote:
> Package: xlhtml
> Severity: wishlist
> Description: Converts MS Excel files to html
> The xlHtml program will take an Excel 95, or 97 file as input and convert 
> it to highly optimized  html. The output is via standard out so it can be 
> re-directed to files or piped to filters or used as a gateway on the
> internet.
> License: GPL
> I´m working on this program. I think it is very useful. So you can use it
> with mutt and w3m to see xls files.
> cu
> Rainer
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