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Re: dpkg-dev-emacs vs. debian-changelog-mode vs...

Rob Browning (2001-01-22 00:17:05 -0600) :

> Roland Mas <mas@echo.fr> writes:
> >   dpkg-dev-emacsen and dpkg-dev-el have been suggested too, I guess so
> > that Xemacs/EINE/ZWEI or other Emacs variants users are not
> > jealous.  I have no strong opinion for or against any one of these
> > names.
> I have a slight preference for dpkg-dev-emacsen, but dpkg-dev-emacs is
> fine with me too.  No strong preference here.

  For those of you who are interested, dpkg-dev-el has been sponsored
and uploaded.  Now, whether dpkg-dev should suggest it or not is
entirely up to Wichert (hint hint).

Roland Mas

Bada, bada, ba-da-da-daaa, doudou, doudou, dou-dou-dou-dou-baaa.
  -- in Song without words #1 (Paul Leavitt)

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