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Partial support for international description of packages

Hi all

Based on the fact that most (if not all)  .debs installing programs
takes descriptions from the Packages.gz file. I think that there is a
chance to have international support for the description of packeges
without ever touching the actual .deb packages.

There are two options both based on translating the Packages.gz file
(extracting descriptions, translating and building a new Packages.gz
file is easy, already have some scripts )

-- First option would be to modify apt to pick up the file
Packages.<lang code>.gz as told by is configuration and whenever it is
available, of course it should pick the regular Packages.gz if your lang
it is not available.

-- The second one would be to place the Packages.<lag code>.gz file at
dists/woody/main/<lang code>/binary-i386. This way if you put at your
sources.lists file the line
    deb http://what_ever_mirror.debian.org woody main/<lang code>

I like better the first approach because it is a lot more elegant, but
in the other hand apt needs to be touched. The advantages of the second
option is that we could start using it as soon as we want to. Either way
the space used at the mirrors would be around 2M (about the size of
nowdays main + contrib + non-US files) per lang, which I think it is not

What do you think? Can we do this? Are there any other options? 



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