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Re: use and abuse of debconf

> Also, while XSL files could get very complicated, I would imagine
> for most (if not all cases) of configuration files it is very simple.
> However, if people still argue that XSLT is insufficient, other
> methods of translating files from some packages could be used instead.
> Yes, it would be a big change, and no, I don't expect everyone to rush
> for it at once.

 What we need is the necessary base software to make all this nearly
invisible to the average developer. Thus, the easy case will be trivial, but
there will be the flexibility to handle more and more complicated cases.

 Mmmm.. at this point, what is it needed is some code to show the concept...
I'll see if I have time in the weekend... =)

 BTW, I've noted that the other reply ended up being in the same thread
(despite I changed the subject), I shouldn't have used "reply".

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