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False alarm! (Re: Which Debian machines are pure potato?)

Christian Kurz wrote:
  >On 01-01-17 Oliver Elphick wrote:
  >> I have to compile a package of postgresql-6.5.3 for a bug fix to stable.
  >> I was about to do this on klecker, which is listed on the webpage as
  >> having potato, but found it already has libc6 2.2-11 (stable has libc
  >> 2.1.3-13).
  >Hm, where did you look exactly:
  >klecker% ls -l /lib/libc-2.1.3.so                              =20
  >-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root       887712 Sep  1 09:03 /lib/libc-2.1.3.so
  >And looking at the changelog for libc everything looks like a machine
  >running potato. Where did you found libc6 2.2-11 on klecker?

Hmm.  It must be late-night syndrome, leading to foot-in-mouth disease.

I checked the version of postgresql and found it was 7.0.3-4, which is
the latest unstable release.  I then checked libc6 and found 2.2-11 - I
must have switched windows and not noticed.

I suppose someone has rebuilt the latest postgresql to use on klecker.

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