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Re: kernel with supermount

[Late reply, I know, but my email was in state of rebuilding for the past
couple weeks...]

>>>>> "Sean" == Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shaleh@valinux.com> writes:

    >>  Along similar lines, would it be reasonable to include the
    >> rawio patch for the next release?  Including it would allow
    >> glibc to pick up the linux/raw.h header, and allow the
    >> util-linux package to build the raw command.  This would be
    >> nice, as it would allow the use of (for example) software like
    >> Oracle to use it without rebuilding the kernel.

    Sean> I expect this to appear in upstream kernels fairly soon.
    Sean> The less work Debian has to do to test kernels the better.
    Sean> By using a fairly stock kernel, we are not as prone to weird
    Sean> Debian only bugs.

    Sean> Also, users tend to grab kernels from the upstream just as
    Sean> often as they use the one shipped by Debian.  If
    Sean> functionality suddenly disappears when the user thought they
    Sean> were upgrading, it would be bad.

I get kernel source from kernel.org because I can get *patches*
instead of whole kernels... alsa, I'm still behind a 33.6/56K, so size
*does* matter.

If there were patches between the various kernel source .debs, I'd
possibly use those... though patches from stock kernel to Debian
kernel would also be good.

Bye, J

PS: I've seen later Herbert's mail, and I wonder... what are the
patches between stock kernel and Deb kernel?  I just checked with
apt-cache search kernel, but I can't find a package that looks like it
could have them...  And no, I don't have a stock kernel-image.deb
installed here, so I don't know what it says.

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