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Re: Two versions in the archives

On Tue 16 Jan 2001, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> >
> > Yes, "fwvm" was version 1 and "fwvm2" was version 2.
> > Once fvwm version 2 became stable enough, fwvm version 1 became "fvwm1"
> > and fvwm version 2 became "fvwm", resulting in people with "fvwm"
> > installed automatically upgrading. A bit confusing at first, but
> But if you manually upgraded fvwm -> fvwm2  there was no automatic upgrade
> fvwm2 -> fvwm  after fvwm version 2 became "fvwm".  :-(

fvwm has "Replaces: fvwm2 (<< 2.2)", so when fvwm2 disappeared,
dselect should have handled this just fine (I can't remember
whether apt was already in full operation then, and I don't
know offhand whether apt handles this sensibly).

Paul Slootman
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