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fvwm 2.3 packages announce


I decided to get prepared to fvwm 2.4 release and made packages of
fvwm 2.3, cvs version built on current testing/unstable. They can be 
obtained from

Packages are fvwm-beta and fvwm-icons. If you want to try them, remove
fvwm 2.2 at first:
dpkg -r fvwm fvwm2 fvwm-common
dpkg -i fvwm-beta_20010113-1_i386.deb fvwm-icons_20010113-1_all.deb 

If someone want to build these packages himself note that  debian/ directory
is inside tar.gz files.

Warning 1: fvwm 2.3 could be very unstable (although it works for me ~16
hours without any problems), so I will not put them in even in unstable.
Warning 2: configuration files format was slightly changed.

Comments and bug reports are welcome.
Alexander Kotelnikov
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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