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Re: resolution of the tar -I issue

> besides that -j ("junkzip"?) is NON-DESCRIPTIVE at all. -Z or -2 would be
> better... but thats an Upstream Issue I guess.

hmmm... junkzip is a nice name :)

try to find a better option char: (source: tar.c)

/* Parse the options for tar.  */

/* Available option letters are DEHJQY and aenqy.  Some are reserved:

   e  exit immediately with a nonzero exit status if unexpected errors occur
   E  use extended headers (draft POSIX headers, that is)
   n  the archive is quickly seekable, so don't worry about random seeks
   q  stop after extracting the first occurrence of the named file
   y  per-file gzip compression
   Y  per-block gzip compression */


just my $0.02.

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