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Re: source dependencies for source packages

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

    >> 2) Another solution could be to keep the build infrastructure
    >> in one source package and then setting one variable from
    >> outside to build the needed cross compilers:
    >> TARGET=<cross-target> dpkg-buildpackge ...  Not sure if this is
    >> allowed by policy, because it requires manual intervention in
    >> the build process.

    Ben> I like this one. You could allow others to do "3" (I don't
    Ben> think it is needed though), but I think you should just
    Ben> support this.

I think it is reasonable to do this so long as you don't plan on
uploading the binary package.  I think that for packages in the
archive (with the exception of kernel modules binaries, which I don't
like but don't have better solutions for), you really want to mandate
that there is a well defined build procedure that requires no human

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