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Re: Packages' use of dpkg-statoverride

On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 07:06:03PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:

> Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > What if the user has already configured a statoverride for the program,
> > before even installing the package (or using an earlier version, etc.)?
> > Should the config script even ask the question, or skip it?
> I'd say skip it. dpkg-statoverride --list should prove useful here.
> (OTOH, you man not want to skip it if the package is being dpkg-recofigure'd
> (.config's $1 will == "reconfigure").)

Are you saying that, when reconfigured, it should ask the question (but still
not touch the system), or that it should ask and change the override?

> > Also, should the statoverride be removed when the package is purged (as far
> > as I know, dpkg doesn't try to do this)?
> dpkg-statoverride --remove foo in the postrm, guarded on $1 = purge?

I was asking whether or not it should be done, not how to do it.  If a user
adds a statoverride manually, why shouldn't it survive multiple install/purge

It seems like statoverrides could use a flag to indicate whether they have been
created by the user or the packaging system, or a notion of 'auto/manual' mode
like the alternatives system.  That way, only package-created statoverrides
would be removed on purge.

 - mdz

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