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Re: Developer Behavior

On Thursday 11 January 2001 01:55, John Galt wrote:
> >> > 1)  This situation does not stop a running machine from working, it
> >> > will only stop it from booting.
> >>
> >> Oh, well, as long as THAT'S all it is...
> >
> >The thing is that a machine that can't load the correct kernel can be
> > easily fixed, just use another machine to dd a kernel to a floppy.
> >
> >A machine which boots up but which has broken keyboard mapping or broken
> > NSS is much more effort to fix.
> >
> >Also if you have something like NSS break on you then you can logout and
> > then when you realise that you've done the wrong thing it's too late,
> > you're machine is stuffed because you can't login as root again!  If your
> > lilo.conf is wrong then you have between now and your next reboot to fix
> > it.
> Of course, the .conf in lilo.conf implies that packages really shouldn't
> futz with it without warning.  I really don't remember a exception in
> policy for things that are correctable before next reboot.

I never said that it's desirable behaviour.  I am working on fixing it ASAP!

I am just saying that there are many more serious things that can go wrong 
and which have gone wrong for me while tracking unstable.

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