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Re: Path modification

In message <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.21.0101092009460.1418-100000@dominia>, Jon Eisenstein wr
>I recently filed a bug report (80092) against the nmh package regarding
>the location of its program files. It installs files into /usr/bin/mh,
>which isn't in the path, making running the program difficult until the
>reason is found.

The nmh manual page is quite explicit about this:

       To get started using nmh, put the directory /usr/bin/mh on
       your  $PATH.  This is best done in one of the files: .pro­
       file, .login, or .cshrc in your  home  directory.   (Check
       the  manual entry for the shell you use, in case you don't
       know how to do this.)

As others have mentioned, this is the way MH has always operated.  I don't 
think there's any reason to change the behaviour.


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