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Re: jabber field on db.debian.org?

[Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@innocent.com> wrote about dropping icq field]
>  Jason said he won't decide - I really understand that.  But maybe if
> some of the other 113 people that are currently using the icq field (or
> also others, that might use the jabber field) could comment on this it
> would be greatly encouraged to express your feelings :-)

I'm one of the other 113.  I just filled in the blank because it was
there.  Supporting, encouraging a free system is the Right Thing to do and
has my vote.

That said, if we're going to reorganize the contact details, how about
rolling irc into the mix.  I don't really use irc or icq that much but
fill in the blanks because I stop by from time to time.  What might be
better is a list box of common (or uncommon) systems and a space to enter
specific details.  Thus you might have primary/secondary, each one being
icq/aim/jabber/irc/whatever with a suitable length field to enter the

But ... to just remove ICQ with Jabber id would be a great way to start
the ball rolling.



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