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Re: News about Debian Conference... and have an happy new year !

rb@debian.org (Roland Bauerschmidt) writes:

> Speaking of IA-64: Do we have a machine yet? AFAIK not.

Several Debian folk have acces of one kind or another to IA-64 hardware.  I
am not aware of any IA-64 systems fully dedicated to Debian development.

I am in possession of an IA-64 box from HP on loan to Agilent for evaluation.
Not surprisingly, what I want to evaluate is Debian on IA-64, so we've been
working to build packages, and have a few dozen done, working in a chroot on
top of a TurboLinux installation.

This particular machine has not been very stable, but we just went through a 
processor upgrade to a fresher stepping, and are about to freshen the BIOS.
I am hopeful that this will improve things.

This, of course, is no substitute for someone like Intel or HP explicitly 
making a machine available for dedicated Debian use.  Hopefully Bruce can 
join our other friends in HP to help make this happen soon...


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