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Re: ITP: mboxgrep -- Grep through mailboxes

> Package: grepmail
> Description: search mailboxes for mail matching an expression
>  Grepmail looks for mail messages containing a pattern, and prints the
>  resulting messages. It can handle compressed mailbox files, and can search
>  the header or body of emails. Usage is very similar to grep.

Grepmail is very slow, and I wouldn't mind an alternative. I blame the
slowness on perl.

$ time grepmail test /dev/null
grepmail test /dev/null  0.38s user 0.04s system 100% cpu 0.418 total

Add that to the fact that perl has a 400ms overhead just to load when
not cached in RAM on my system. Perl had just been run at the time of
this test to gather this figure, but usually on the machine in
question it is not cached.

What this means is grepmail takes almost a second to start up. I won't
even go into its grepping speed.

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