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Re: apt maintainers dead?

On 8 Jan 2001, Goswin Brederlow wrote:

>      > The short answer is exactly what you should expect - No,
>      > absolutely not.  Any emergence of a general rsync for APT
> Then why did it take so long? :)

I was traveling.
>      > method will result in the immediate termination of public rsync
>      > access to our servers.
> I think that is something to be discussed. As I said before, I expect
> the rsync + some features to produce less load than ftp or http.

No. If this comes about the load will go up, our mirrors will have trouble
getting access  and I then will disable it.

> Given that it doesn't need more resources than those two, is the
> answere still no?

Yes. I cannot create more rsync slots because those slots can just as
easially be used for more intensive operations. 

> again. I hope I got an url for it by then.

Check sourceforge.


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