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Re: RFDisscusion: Big Packages.gz and Statistics and Comparing solution

On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 06:30:33PM -0500, Thomas Smith wrote:
> * Keep old Packages.gz file with Descriptions.
> * Make new Small-Packages.gz file w/o Descriptions, and have
>   new version of apt look for it, if so configured.
> * Some method of getting the descriptions separately.  Maybe
>   Descriptions.gz or maybe per-package or whatever.
> * Perhaps merge Descriptions (if they're downloaded), or put
>   placeholders (Description: <no-description>), into files
>   in /var/state/apt/lists/ so there's no compatability break
>   in those.

Something like this should be implemented anyway when
translated Descriptions will be supported and Packages size
will grow by some 6 times.

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