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Re: (open)ssh-2.3.0p1 when??

On 01-01-07 Brian Frederick Kimball wrote:
> Damian M Gryski wrote:

> > On Sun, 07 Jan 2001, Svante Signell wrote:
> > > Is openssh ever going to be upgraded? Latest unstable version is
> > > 2.2.0p1-1.1 from September? while the latest OpenBSD release is now
> > > 2.3.0p1! Maybe the package also should change name from ssh to openssh.
> > 
> >    openssh 2.3.0p1 was installed into unstable (sid) on Dec 30.

Huh? Where did you got this information? There was only an upload to
non-us on Dec 30.

> Just uploaded or actually installed?  It didn't show up on
> non-us.debian.org until today (Jan 7th).

I think the package should show up soon on non-us.

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