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Re: Bug#81397: [authorization] fails silently for normal users, cannot start server

[ No need to Cc: me, I do read debian-devel ]

* Eray Ozkural (exa) <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr> wrote:

> Well, I will cc to debian-devel only when there is an affirmed
> conflict with the developer about the bug report, OK?

>> Your behaviour on this bugreport is a deja-vu of your behaviour on
>> #80544.

> I think 80544 is a pretty valid bug.

It is a valid bug. Your initial report was useless and was lacking
information about the cause of the bug. So I asked you about specific
further details on the environment to find out when and why this

You took this as a personal attack and Cc: debian-devel where also
nobody could understand or figure out from your mails what the report
was about. And you denied me the info I was asking about.

And you call this "affirmed conflict with the developer about the bug
report"? Oh wait, you called it "your assessment of the bug is totally

>> You are more than annoying, and I am sick of it.

> Because I'm picky about bugs?

No. Because your recent reports don't come close to the ones you sent
in even a half year ago. Your "bash is fscked up" report looks like
from some bloody beginner, not from a up-coming developer. You didn't
even try to find out what the cause was. You didn't even check the
bash manpage to see which startup files are processed. You didn't even
give such basic information like the shell used. Or at least you
didn't tell anything about what you did to find out about the cause.

It was a of "*whine*, it doesn't work" kind. You can do better than
that. Basically, you left anyone with guesswork. Your report was
useless. Take a another look at it.

And THEN you bitch around when people are annoyed about this.

Your breakage of privacy and netiquette is is another thing.

> Have you been able to replicate the bug 

I was able to work out by guessing and trying a szenario where this
bug happens and found the reason for it.

> and report upstream as I have suggested?

It was forwarded a day before your mail.

Everything is recorded in the BTS.

> I have developed a great liking for bug reports somehow.

Then you just need to develope some skill for a) analysing bugs and
writing useful reports and b) not going crazy when developers ask
further question if they don't have a cristal ball handy.


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