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Re: can the bug reporter close a bug? [was:Re: Bug#81396: root shell fscked after upgrade to woody]

On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 01:14:40AM -0600, Nathan E Norman wrote:
> I apologize for prolonging this thread - it's quite annoying.
> However, after reading this enlightened response I wonder if it's
> possible for a user to close the (silly) bug he or she reported after
> he or she solves the problem.  bugs.debian.org doesn't seem to
> indicate a way for a bug to be closed other than action by the
> maintainer.

Actually under /usr/doc/debian the doc-debian package provides a number
of files, including bug-main-mailcontrol.txt.

A message to control@bugs.debian.org of this format:

close $(bugnumber)

will close a bug. Only submitters or maintainers should close a bug as
noted in the docs.

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