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Re: ITA gnucash?

Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org> writes:

> I just want to ask if somebody knows if the maintainer is still
> active. Gnucash have now quite a lot of bugs and there is a new

I am here.  Had you cared enough to look at the bug report summary for
me, you would see that I am closing bugs as well; there are about two
dozen ones listed there that I have fixed within the last 28 days.
But obviously you didn't do that.

> stable version. If he is not active anymore I'll gladly adopt this package.

Yes, there is one new point release.  It required updating another
package first.  It fixed one bug reported to Debian, dealing with sort
order of transactions that occur within a single day.  There is one
normal bug that I need to look at and see if it's even still relevant,
but it is not an operational problem, and the rest are upstream bugs
that were not fixed.  The other bug just required a recompile.

Please do not mistake bug triage for inactivity.  

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