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Re: Fatal problems with dpkg<->dpkg-deb communication in 1.8.1

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, Colin Watson wrote:

> When I installed dpkg 1.8.1 at work a few hours ago I couldn't install
> any packages with it; while unpacking, it got EAGAIN when trying to read
> from its pipe to dpkg-deb, and then segfaulted. This was in
> lib/mlib.c:buffer_read() and lib/mlib.c:buffer_copy() at least, which at
> the moment tolerate EINTR but not EAGAIN. In the end I had to manually
> extract dpkg_1.7.2_i386.deb in the root directory and then reinstall
> dpkg 1.7.2 properly to get everything working again.
> This was on a machine being upgraded from potato to sid; the new libc6
> had already been installed. It's running a 2.2.5 kernel at the moment,
> and runs dpkg < 1.8.0 with no problems. Sorry I can't provide an strace
> right now, but I forgot to mail it to myself from work; if nobody else
> has seen this already then I'll file a proper bug report on Monday.
> Did somebody do something involving non-blocking file descriptors in
> 1.8.1?

I've been running 1.8(and other versions of dpkg, even before an actual
1.8 deb was made) for weeks now.  I haven't seen issues like this.  Can you
give any more details, so that I can try to track it down?

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