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Re: rsync mirror script for pools - first pre alpha release

>>>>> " " == esoR ocsirF <rosef@eou.edu> writes:

     > I would like to set up our local partial mirror to run without
     > attendance through multiple releases. If I hard code the
     > release candidate name into the mirror script, wont it just
     > break when testing goes stable?

The problem is that those are links and rsync can eigther keep links
or follow them.

At the moment there are a lot for links in potato/woody so I can't
follow links, so no mirroring of stable/unstable/testing.

I could check what stable/testing/unstable is and then mirror what
they point to, but who cares. In a year or so an update or
debian-mirror will ask you weather you want to start mirroring the new
unstable and weather to drop the old stable.


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