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Re: Upcoming Events in Germany

Hi Joey and others!

++ 06/01/01 00:46 +0100 - Martin Schulze:
> For these events in eastern Europe there is no Debian booth yet but
> there could be if people want to organize it.  So if you are
> interested, please get in touch with me.
> April 23       Praha
> April 24       Budapest
> April 25       Warsaw

I'd like to repeat, that there will be no exhibition on these ^^^
three events. Only conferences. So there will be no booths there. 

I hope people from .hu that I talked to will give a talk about debian
project and distribution in Budapest and one person from .pl contacted

> April 26-28    Moscow (Peter Novodvorsky could use some help)

Yes, help is appreciated. But you attendance in Moscow at 26-28 April
will be even more appreciated. ;-) 


The Debian Project. Debian booth@Linux Expo Road Show coordinator.
Linux Expo Road Show Timeline: 23.04.01 Prague, 24.04.01 Budapest, 
25.04.01 Warsaw, 26.04.01-28.04.01 Moscow. 
Conferences in all cities and exhibition in Moscow.
Visit http://people.debian.org/~nidd/LERS-TODO.html if you're intrested.
Mail contact: nidd@debian.org             Phone contact: 7-095-4261812

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