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Re: our broken man package


Joey Hess schrieb:
> > And, anyway, caching might be done in a cronjob: look at the pagesa in

This seems to be cr^Hontrary to the idea of caching.

> That's a good idea. Another route to take is to split man into the
> rendering/caching bit and the command line man page lookup/processing/pager
> executing bit. Only the former part of the program needs to run as user man,

A man-daemon? Or a 6755 root.man rendering part?

Wouldn't simpy let every user have his own cache be much simpler
and not even too much worse, since different users tend to read
different manpages? A cronjob could collect these per-user
cached pages into a shared cache if this is really needed, and
clean up the user caches.

ciao, 2ri
All constants are variables.

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