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What to do about /etc/debian_version

I need input on this.

Joey Hess (See Bug#81249) complains about the fact that local changes
to /etc/debian_version are not preserved on upgrades (he wants this
file to read "unstable" instead of the current "testing/unstable").

What should I do?

* Remove this file altogether, since it serves no useful purpose.
* Make it a conffile (and therefore change its traditional behaviour).
* Follow FHS and move it to /usr/share/misc, where it probably belongs.
  (if we accept that it is "shareable", which I'm not 100% sure).
* Keep the file as it is, as an exception to FHS, like /etc/mtab which
  is not a configuration file either.

[ Please read the bug logs before answering. Thanks in advance. ]

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